Meet our Nigerian Beneficiary – Ozonya

Meet our Nigerian Beneficiary

Missing limbs should not be a limitation to living a full and amazing life. Unfortunately, this is a limitation for many amputees living in poor communities and developing countries

What is Feet of Grace Foundation?

Feet of Grace Foundation (Lagos, Nigeria) is an organization whose mission is to improve the quality of lives of women amputees and since they started in 2015 they have helped nearly 100 beneficiaries

They organize fundraising events like ‘Hit the street for their feet’ (charity walks/runs), Dine-for-a-leg (fund-raising dinner)... to fund their numerous projects. 

What do they do ?

Their three main objectives are providing:

-Prosthetic care for women amputees: each year there is a selection of amputees that need assistance and the required funds are raised to meet their specific needs

-Seed funds for women amputees: many times, getting a prosthetic device is not enough to help an amputee as there are other additional costs linked to their condition. To address this matter, seed funds are provided to help them start their own small business to leverage poverty alleviation.

-Scholarships for children and young ladies: it is well known that empowerment starts from knowledge.  

How will Ozonya contribute to these objectives?

After a very nice video call  with Irene, the founder, we agreed that the best way that Ozonya could contribute to their projects was having a double approach of Skills transfer+Seed Funds. Plan of action when the collections are terminated is:

-Holding an online workshop for Fabric earrings making and basic small business management

-Organizing a charity walk in Brussels (Belgium) to raise funds

-Donating 10% of our benefits towards supplies to start with their business (fabric, tools, glue…)

If you purchased any item from Nigerian Jungle or Nigerian Sunrise collections, you are also contributing to these projects so THANKS FOR YOUR SUPPORT!!! 

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