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We raise awareness

From Ozonya, we want to raise awareness of the current situation of women from countries we get materials from, as a first step for contributing to their empowerment. 

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We give back

We are commited to contributing to empowering women in all the countries we get our materials from.

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We listen to you

If you have a suggestion, you work for an organization aligned to our values; or simply want to get in touch, please do!

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What our customers say

I love eveything about Ozonya! Not only the earrings are so beautiful and make any outfit special, but most importantly they have a social impact. I love that they donate a part to help women from different cultures and make their situation visible to others.


I love your earrings. I want to buy more, let me know if you ship it to USA. Today at the Pop-up I could only buy a pair but I love it.


Since I wore my Ozonya hoops for the first time, there hasn't been a person that hasn't commented possitively on them. They are original and noticeable, that's why they catch everyone's eye and give me a lot of personality.