Meet our Cambodian beneficiary – Ozonya

Meet our Cambodian beneficiary

Little Hearts is a non-profit NGO that works with abandoned children in Cambodia to give them a new start in life.

Little Hearts is not just an orphanage. It’s a home where their children live like brothers and sisters.

On our trip to Cambodia we were able to visit Little Hearts and spend a lovely day with the children. We met the founder, Tony, who walked us through the place and explained us how everything works. 

There are two teams that take part in supporting Little Hearts. The team in Cambodia takes care of the orphanage, ensures proper education and well-being of the kids and engages in fundraising events. The team in Belgium helps with fundraising by working on diverse charitable events in their local communities.

The orphanage is located just outside the capital, Phnom Penh, and consists of spacious classrooms, large dormitories and well-maintained facilities for sports. The entire building was built from the ground up by the directors and funded by international donations.

The kids go everyday to school in Phnom Penh and afterwards, Little Hearts provides them with extra-curricular classes to boost their English, Maths, and Literacy.

The children enjoy plenty of arts, crafts, team projects, sports and more. The stimulating activities go a long way to encourage the kids to develop their passions.

One of these activities is the Art classes, which take place every weekend. During our visit, the kids guided us through the ‘Art gallery’. A beautiful corridor full of paintings and other art pieces made by the kids that are part of these art classes. 

As one of their fundraising activities, they have created little postcards with original and colourful watercolour drawings that left us speechless! Here you can find some of the artists with their little pieces of art! Absolutely brilliant. 

If you are interested in contributing to Little Hearts goal of educating abandoned kids in a family-oriented atmosphere, you can purchase one of their postcards here

Our partnership will consist of making available these postcards for our followers and customers and we ensure that the total amount of these purchases will go to Little Hearts. 

Moreover, as for every collection, we will donate 10% of our benefits from every purchase of ‘Southeast Asian treasures’ to support Little Hearts’ commitment to empower kids to have a good education and hence, a better future. 

If you would like to know more about Little Hearts or do your personal donation you can find more on their website: Home » Little Hearts Organisation, Cambodia (


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