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International Women's Day

Last week was the International Women's Day, a perfect date to claim women's rights and also an opportunity to celebrate the achievements of women and to promote gender equality. However, we must fight for the empowerment of women and their rights every day of the year. 


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Empowering women can take many forms, including advocating for their rights, creating economic opportunities, and providing access to education and healthcare. Here are some ways that individuals and organizations can empower women:

  1. Advocate for gender equality: Speak out against discrimination and advocate for equal rights and opportunities for women. This can include supporting policies and initiatives that promote gender equality.
  2. Support women-owned businesses: Consider supporting businesses owned and operated by women. By supporting these businesses, you are helping to create economic opportunities for women.
  3. Provide education and training: Provide access to education and training opportunities to help women develop new skills and advance their careers. This can include programs focused on entrepreneurship, leadership, and technical skills.
  4. Provide access to healthcare: Provide access to healthcare services, including reproductive health services, to help improve the health and well-being of women.
  5. Address gender-based violence: Work to address gender-based violence by supporting survivors, promoting prevention, and holding perpetrators accountable.

Another way to empower women is to support businesses and organizations that prioritize the well-being of women. For example, Ozonya Handmade is a company that sources handcrafted products from women in Nigeria and Cambodia, providing them with a source of income and promoting their economic independence.

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By purchasing products from companies like Ozonya Handmade, individuals can support women entrepreneurs and artisans around the world. The Ozonya Handmade website highlights the challenges faced by women in Nigeria and provides examples of how their organization is working to empower women. Through their partnership with a Nigerian women's cooperative, they are providing economic opportunities and supporting women's entrepreneurship. They are also addressing gender-based violence through education and advocacy efforts. 

It's important to remember that empowerment is a continuous process, and there is always more that can be done to support women's rights and gender equality. This International Women's Day, consider ways that you can make a positive impact in your community and support women's empowerment efforts globally.

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